Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Gap Assessment

We've divided this assessment to four pillars that are critical to DEI success. Learn about each pillar below, then complete the quiz to find where your strengths and opportunities are:


What Success Looks Like: DEI Gaps are clear and high impact goals are prioritized.

Tailored learning interventions for all levels of the organization are implemented and embedded within learning systems.

Diverse representation goals defined for your business

Barriers to employee engagement, productivity, and career advancement are removed.

Leaders have the tools, behaviours, and mindset to “move the needle” on DEI to ensure commitment and sustainability.

DEI is connected to the vision and mission in a way that optimizes profitability.

DEI is supported by:

Clear HR policies & practices
Roles & responsibilities
Dedicated Resources
Technical and people systems.

Understand Your Score

If you scored between 71-100, you have a lot of opportunities to make your organization more diverse, and equitable. If you scored a 26-70, you may need to spend some time collecting data and retake the survey. If you scored a 0-25, you are on your way to becoming a DEI Leader. Look at the score for each DEI pillar, as well. If one is much higher,  that is an area with more opportunity for you. You can read more about how each DEI pillar supports a thriving DEI ecosystem here. Book a call with the Disruptors to have a more nuanced conversation of where you should start and how to map out your journey in becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization that is also more engaged, focused, and effective.

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