About Us

We believe that changing the face of tech for good means starting with tech’s most valuable resource: its people.
Matching qualified talent from under-represented backgrounds with tech companies where they can thrive is the first step in shaping a future that includes all of us.  We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion is not a separate department, but a core value that belongs in every part of the business from the boardroom to daily tag-up and from every new hire process to each pitch.
If you are ready to take the next step in your career or looking to innovate and improve your business, company culture, and the world, then join us in disruption

Meet the Founders

Alexandria Scobee

Alexandria Scobee is a leadership coach and entrepreneur. Her career has spanned industries from psychology to technology, with a passion for finding and building creative partnerships that make an impact. 

Alexandria founded the Disruptors to create pathways for under-represented groups to break in and move up in tech. Binging together her knowledge of the tech landscape and passion for finding and nurturing the spark of leadership in those around her, Alexandria is dedicated to changing the face of tech for good. 

Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen is a leadership coach whose mission is to coach overworked, under-recognized women to advance their careers in competitive, male-dominated industries. For almost a decade, Jasleen worked for one of the largest multi-national Top 10 Fortune 500 corporations in the world. 

Now, Jasleen combines her experience in the corporate world and her gift to inspire change and leadership to help disruptors reach their full potential.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultation with the Founders

Not only can we help develop and strengthen your diversity, equity,a nd inclusion initiatives, we bring a human-first approach to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven throughout your business and helps you achieve your goals, equitably. 

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